aixDBLI Research Line - flexibility and modularity for your research

Our Research Line of aixDBLI measurement systems offers excellent flexibility and modularity for characterizing piezoelectric thin films.

Wide range of measuring options in R&D

The Research Line of our DBLI measurement systems enables a variety of measurement types, ranging from large-signal polarization and displacement measurements on individual pads to fatigue measurements on entire wafers. Based on the PES system, the Research Line systems can be expanded at any time with all sample holders and measurement systems in this series. You therefore get a measurement system for your piezoelectric materials that is tailored precisely to your requirements.

Flexible and expandable

The systems in the aixDBLI Research Line let you perform partially automated measurements of wafers measuring up to 8 inches. The measurement precision and reproducibility is still below 1% sigma. Thanks to their high flexibility and expandability, our Research Line systems are perfect for universities and research institutes, as well as preliminary development in the private sector. They represent a cost-effective alternative to the more complex Industrial Line systems.

The systems in the Research Line are available as either manual or motorized systems. Their modular design allows you to automate your manual systems later on if necessary.

User-friendly precision

Our manual systems with x,y positioning table are incredibly easy to use. Automatic systems using motorized, high-precision transport systems from microscopy offer outstandingly precise positioning. In the 8-inch variant, they are just as good as their bigger brothers in the Industrial Line in this regard.