TF 3000

The TF Analyzer 3000 is ideal for dedicated high-speed tests on electroceramic materials and systems.

The flagship of the analyzer family

The TF 3000 system offers the best possible bandwidth of excitement frequencies, without any limitations in input resolution. This gives you the best options for dedicated high-speed testing of electroceramic materials and systems. The analyzer is also used in our PES and CMA systems, which require measurements with high excitement speeds.

High-frequency measurement

Combined with the expanded FE module, the TF 3000 offers a frequency range of 1 MHz for hysteresis measurement on ferroelectric materials. It therefore allows you to perform this measurement at a greater frequency than any other system on the market.

The TF 3000 is available with an optional integrated high-frequency amplifier of 150 V that covers a frequency range of 1 MHz.

One basic unit with various probe heads

Just like on the TF 2000 E, you can connect various probe heads to the same basic unit. Each represents a different method for characterizing the material:

  • The FE module consists of a voltage amplifier for output voltages of up to 30 V and current amplifiers for detecting the test current. Multiple ranges between 10 pA and 1 A are available in order to make full use of the bandwidth and definition.

    The following are included as standard:

    • Hysteresis measurement / Dynamic hysteresis (DHM)
    • PUND measurement
    • Fatigue measurement FM
    • Retention measurement (RM)
    • Static hysteresis measurement
    • Imprint measurement
    • Leakage current (LM)
  • The RS module offers combined voltage excitation with current measurement and voltage monitoring, or current excitation with voltage measurement and current monitoring. It was developed to perform various measurements on resistive switching materials to determine their main electronic characteristics.


  • Thanks to the high output current, the IS module can drive multilayer actuators in the resonance range. This is not possible with conventional impedance analyzers.

    • Maximum voltage amplitude of 10 V
    • Can be loaded with several amperes

For more features and details about our TF Analyzers, please refer to the product sheet: