The solution for precisely measuring your memory structures

TF Analyzer

The TF Analyzer platform is the heart of aixACCT Systems’ flexible, modular measurement tools for characterizing piezoelectric materials.

The heart of all aixACCT measurement systems

In 1999, the very first TF Analyzer allowed our customers to carry out measurements on 300 nm pads. This made it possible to precisely measure storage structures for the first time, all thanks to the compensation method developed by aixACCT Systems. This method enables users to differentiate currents created through parasitic capacities like a supply cable from the actual switching currents of the material.

Advantage for FeRAM producers

The new measuring method made it possible to correctly determine switching on ferroelectric films for memory applications for the first time – a huge advantage for FeRAM producers. For aixACCT, it was a decisive success that we subsequently continued with our focus on ferropiezo (bulk thin film multilayer).

aixplorer 3.0 – Communicate and control

The aixplorer 3.0 software is a key part of every TF Analyzer. It maintains communication with other devices and can control complex measurement systems, while the analyzer itself acts as a control and data collection system.

Our analyzer portfolio: