Measuring displacement with lasers

When it comes to characterizing the properties of piezoelectric materials, we use laser interferometric systems for determining displacement

Precisely determining displacement

These systems are easy to use and offer an extremely high resolution. Products from aixACCT Systems virtually eliminate the risk of measurement errors caused by imprecise adjustment or system-specific features.

Our PES systems generally use SIOS laser interferometers, tailored precisely to the respective.

High-resolution measurement

When measuring bulk materials, single-beam interferometers enable resolutions of less than 1 nm when combined with the respective sample holders. We also use these systems in our PES products for multilayer, achieving highly precise results.

Integrated microscope for even greater precision

Special lasers with integrated microscope are used to investigate MEMS structures, such as membranes or cantilevers. Spot sizes of a few µm enable highly precise measurements of deflection on micro-mechanical structures.

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