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Poling and burn-in testing systems

Our poling and burn-in test systems are available for components such as multilayers, disc types or hollow ceramics.

Small footprint, big performance

Arranged in standard racks from Schroff, these compact systems let you process a high number of components on a small surface. Depending on the variant, you can pole or test several hundred actuators at the same time. This is possible for up to 960 actuators in a full CBS system, for example.

Proven µController technology

µController technology has already proven itself in our HALT systems, and forms the basis for our automatic poling and burn-in test units. Featuring an integrated switching matrix, these controllers offer cost-effective, central measuring systems for signal generation and data collection that are also easy to scale. We tailor the voltage range of these systems precisely to your needs.

Real-time process parameters

All controllers are connected via a control computer. This forms the central interface that controls the entire system together with our MIT software (Multi Item Testbench). It can also be controlled by the operator using a customizable GUI (graphical user interface). It displays all relevant process parameters in real time.