With aixACCT Systems, we have a reliable partner for characterization - from the prototype all the way to the end product. This lets us develop our products in a fast and targeted way.

Andrea Rusconi
CTO USound


We offer more than just in-house testing. We analyze your test results with an eye on design, production and treatment steps, helping you improve your products even further. As a result, you can start series production sooner, reduce costs and increase your yield.

Expanded expertise

In the summer of 2020, aixACCT welcomed Peter Mardilovich, Carlos Fragkiadakis and a number of other new members to the team. These new additions brought proven expertise and experience in various areas. This means we are now able to offer additional consulting services in MEMS, specifically in piezoelectric MEMS.

What this means for you

You can benefit from a unique combination of the latest knowledge in PZT processing and testing expertise in a single team. As a customer, you get analyses, simulations and tailored device tests. Find out here how we can support you with your specific challenges:

aixACCT speaks everyone’s language

Thanks to our many years of experience in the entire production process of MEMS components, we are able to act as a communicator between the foundry and the customer, for example, or between designers and process engineers. You can benefit from the following:

  • Improved performance and reliability for your piezo materials
  • Analysis of device performance, failure modes and causes
  • Determination of how piezo material dependencies, design and production processes influence device performance
  • Adjustment of existing test systems or development of new ones to match specific design and process procedures
  • Identification of the key factors for production yield

20 years of innovation and dedication to our customers, together with a successful record in meeting their requirements, shows that we are capable of understanding any challenge, providing the right advice and supporting you every step of the way. Our consulting team looks forward to hearing from you