Short cycle times and high parallelism, coupled with robustness and durability: that is what makes our systems special.


Production tools

We offer our customers unique production tools based on modules and components that have proven themselves for years.

Excellent reliability

We have long been producing highly specialized and ever more powerful automated test systems, as well as developing µC-controlled parallel test units. So the jump to highly reliable production tools tailored to the respective application was not so large. All of our tools respond to customer needs for short cycle times and high parallelism.

Combining system integration with automation

We have an experienced team of physicists, engineers, electricians and programmers that combines tried-and-tested modules and components with new developments like suitable sample holders. This lets us deliver guaranteed quality to customers like you in the shape of our highly reliable production tools, with short run-up times.

Always up to date

We cooperate with specialists or consult with experts from your industry. You can rest assured that we will always take the latest expert insights into account when designing and producing our systems. Although we always tailor our production tools precisely to customer needs, a few base systems have become established. Maybe one of them is the solution you have been looking for. If not, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Our production tools portfolio: