Safety Unit

Whether aixPES, aixCMA, or aixDBLI, the safety unit is a key part of all our measurement systems.

For the best possible safety

The safety unit contains an emergency off circuit and controls the entire system together with our software. 

It switches all sample holders with their inputs and outputs, as well as the amplifiers integrated in the system. The connected sample holders, such as PSHU or TFSHU, can be selected via the front panel. An internal switching matrix ensures that the respective sample holder can only be operated with the correspondingly enabled amplifiers. An interlock is also included to deactivate the high voltage supply if the safety mechanisms in the sample holder are opened.

Safety for smaller systems too

We offer a safety box for systems that only consist of a TF Analyzer, amplifier and sample holder, for example, and that are not integrated in a rack. It features a high-voltage relay and interlock monitoring.

As a result, all our systems meet the highest safety standards and are CE certified.

  • Safety Boxen: Alle Standalone-Systeme mit Verstärkern werden mit Sicherheitssystem ausgeliefert.

    Safety boxes

    All stand-alone systems with amplifiers are supplied with safety boxes.