Only aixACCT Systems offers a complete measuring system for process-sensitive characterization of thin piezoelectric films in R&D and production.

Determining electrical and mechanical parameters simultaneously

Our aixDBLI tools are among our most advanced modular measurement systems. They let you measure the change in thickness on thin, piezoelectric films quickly and reliably. The differential measuring principle of the double-beam laser interferometer eliminates the influence of any local substratum bending. As a result, you can measure both the electrical and mechanical parameters of your thin films simultaneously with the same excitation frequency.

  • aixACCT Systems has modified this measurement procedure and made it easier to use for industrial applications like yours. The optical components are arranged vertically to enable horizontal arrangement of the samples. This makes operation easier. In addition, an all-new control algorithm speeds up the previously time-consuming process of calibrating before every measurement.

  • Thanks to the new data collection algorithm, the measurement speed has been increased by a factor of 100. The d33 parameter can be measured in a matter of seconds in uniquely high resolution. This means that you can determine the piezoelectric behavior of thin films while researching, developing and producing your PZT MEMS products with a verified precision of 0.2 pm/V (reference x-cut quartz). You therefore get a system that allows you to measure the influence of individual process parameters on material performance.

  • Working closely with our industry partners, we have also found a way of using our system to monitor another important parameter: the e31,f coefficient. This is vital for many MEMS applications and can only be determined at wafer level.

Tailored to your requirements

We provide you with the aixDBLI measurement system with DBLI controller tailored to your requirements and in two main system lines: The Research Line offers high flexibility and modularity in research and preliminary development. The systems in the Industrial Line offer a high level of automation, reliability and reproducibility: everything you need for production monitoring that boosts efficiency.

Countless expansions are available for both system lines, enabling additional measurement options and allowing you to perform temperature-based measurements.

Read our use cases to find out how our customers successfully use aixDBLI. For more features and details, please refer to the product sheet: