Different voltage ranges may be required when investigating ferroelectric materials, depending on the material and sample geometry. That is why aixACCT Systems offers PES systems that are fitted with a variety of amplifiers.

Amplifiers for every requirement

Based on your needs, we combine the system with external amplifiers so that you can characterize different materials and sample geometries. While the internal 30 V amplifier may be sufficient for measuring very thin films, for example, measurements on bulk ceramics require voltages in the kV range and therefore an additional amplifier.

One PES system, multiple amplifiers

Do you need to cover more than one additional voltage range? No problem. You can also connect multiple amplifiers to your PES system. Our software ensures that these are each automatically switched to the sample holders approved for the respective voltage range.

You can choose from our own special amplifiers or use products from other leading manufacturers:

  • The aixACCT high-voltage amplifier ensures precise control of bipolar output voltages. It is available with an output voltage of +-200 V or +-400 V. The high-voltage amplifier is used in a variety of applications, including AC and DC biasing for characterizing piezoelectric material.

    It is configured as a non-inverting amplifier with a fixed gain of 40 V/V. Features include an all solid state design for a slew rate of more than 100 V/μs and a large signal bandwidth (-3dB) of DC to over 100 kHz. The output voltage can be monitored via a monitor output (+-10 V). A digital enable feature lets you switch the high-voltage output on and off remotely


  • When it comes to characterizing thick films and bulk materials, we normally use amplifiers from Trek. Depending on the sample holder, it is also possible to use amplifiers with various voltage and current ranges. These range from 500 V to 20 kV and 2 mA to 40 mA.

    Would you like us to use a different amplifier? Not a problem, simply get in touch.

  • For multilayer actuators, we use high-performance amplifiers from Falco alongside our own 200/400 V amplifiers. When combined with our sample holders, these enable high-frequency measurements such as service life analyses on injector actuators in the automotive sector.