aixPES enables comprehensive electrical and electromechanical characterization of piezoelectric ceramics.

High precision and automation

aixPES is based on a test system that we developed in 2002 for a customer that wanted to characterize solid ceramics. Today, the system has become the industrial benchmark for piezoelectric tests, offering excellent precision and a high level of automation.

Multifunctional test system

The base system can be expanded with a wide range of sample holders. This gives you a sophisticated and multifunctional test system. It allows you to characterize a larger number of products and materials. You can analyze both large and small-signal material properties across a wide temperature range.

Incredibly versatile

For you as a customer, this makes it possible to perform a variety of different characterizations on your samples. University research institutions, businesses and test laboratories can all benefit from this incredible versatility, as they can characterize various materials, from thin films to bulk, with just a single device.

Find out more about our sample holders and the corresponding amplifiers, temperature controllers and lasers for our PES systems or find  out directly from us how they are helping to develop lead-free actuators.

For more features and details, please refer to the product sheet.