User-friendly characterization for thin film, bulk, multilayer and more.

System Solutions

With their modular and flexible design, solutions from aixACCT Systems let you measure the characteristics of your samples regardless of operator and in line with the overall system specifications.

The standard system in many cases

aixPES was our first system solution. That was two decades ago. In that time, we have developed many more customized systems. Many of these have become the standard system in a wide range of areas, thanks in part to their ability to be tailored to the respective materials and applications.

TF Analyzer as the central control element

One thing all systems have in common is the use of a TF Analyzer as the central control element. The individual components are fully compatible, allowing us to create sophisticated systems through modular design. For customers like you, this modularity and flexibility means we can tailor your systems precisely to your needs, with low costs and short development times.

Precise and intuitive

Our system solutions are often highly customized. Despite this, they never compromise on either precision or ease of use. And the market has noticed this, as many of our products have become the unofficial benchmark for characterizing ferro and piezoelectric materials.

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