aixCMA systems enable comprehensive, force-based electrical and electromechanical characterization of piezoelectric materials and components.

Investigating actuator and sensor properties under real conditions

aixCMA systems can help you comprehensively characterize all kinds of actuators and sensors, such as multilayer, bulk materials, MEMS or fiber composites. These tools are based on our PES systems.

aixCMA systems let you record piezoelectric behavior based on an excitation voltage. This makes it possible to determine factors like current, polarization, displacement and the resulting characteristic values. In addition, the systems are fitted with force controllers and control actuator amplifiers, as well as an expanded laser system in some cases. As a result, you can determine important actuator and sensor properties, including blocking force diagrams and actuator stiffness. Special, user-defined excitation signals for electrical and mechanical loads make it possible to analyze actuators under real application conditions.

Unique sample holders for unique measurement capabilities

The aixCMA systems are all built around the sample holders. These can be used for a variety of actuator or sensor applications, covering everything from sub-μN measurements for MEMS devices and ultra-small actuators for hard drives to multilayer devices for fuel injection systems. The force controllers let you perform measurements under defined mechanical load conditions. The systems can cover a temperature range of -40°C to 250°C, depending on the temperature control system. They also allow for all measurement methods.

The aixCMA systems are suitable for the following applications:

  • Measurements of blocking force and actuator stiffness
  • Electrical and piezoelectric measurements with large and small systems
  • Determining the direct piezo coefficient at high forces
  • Characterizing piezoelectric materials for energy harvesting applications
  • Reliability and fatigue tests
  • Leakage current measurements
  • Temperature dependency of the above measurements

The right aixCMA system for every application

From MEMS to diesel injection actuators, our aixCMA systems can be adapted to every application. You can also expand existing PES or DBLI systems. These units often only differ in the choice of sample holder, although all CMA variants can naturally use the standard sample holders of the PES systems.

The benefits for you

  • One system for comprehensive evaluation of piezoelectric and ferroelectric sensor and actuator components under mechanical preloading
  • Investigate actuators under real application conditions, with dynamic control of electrical and mechanical load
  • Remote access and script control available
  • Optional database connection (ODBC) for easy access to material and device properties
  • Can be easily adjusted to your hardware and requirements
  • One piece of software for external hardware control (e.g. high-voltage amplifier, laser travel sensor, oscilloscope) and data collection
  • Automate measurements in a broad temperature range

Find out more about the different variants in our aixCMA series, which can be equipped with amplifiersdisplacement measurement systemsforce controllers and/or temperature controllers.