TF 1000

The TF 1000 test system is a cost-effective entry model that enables comprehensive characterization of ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties.

Precise measurement from 0.1 to 1000 Hz

The TF 1000 offers the same level of precision as its bigger brothers, the TF 2000 E and TF 3000. In the frequency range for hysteresis measurement, the system is however limited to 1 kHz and has less scope for expansion.

The TF Analyzer 1000 includes the following:

  • Integrated function generator
  • Analog input board
  • Virtual ground current amplifier with large bandwidth
  • +- 12V voltage amplifier

Easy access to all functions

The measurement system is based on an industrial PC with Windows 10, on which our aixplorer 3.0 software is installed. It ensures easy access to all functions, and was developed to react flexibly to all the needs of scientific applications, both today and in the future.

The TF 1000 is suitable for hysteresis measurements of 0.1 Hz to 1000 Hz. Thanks to its protective circuitry, it is also suitable for use with high-voltage amplifiers up to 10 kV.

Your measurement capabilities with the TF 1000

The TF 1000 can be used to reliably determine the following characteristics:

As standard: 

  • Dynamic hysteresis measurement – DHM
  • Fatigue measurement – FM
  • Retention measurement – RM
  • Imprint measurement – IM
  • Leakage current measurement – LM


  • C(V) measurement – CVM
  • Piezo measurement – PZM
  • Pulse measurement – PM
  • Static hysteresis measurement – SHM


For more features and technical details about our TF Analyzer 1000, please refer to the product sheet: