Polaron systems let you pole your actuators, before performing a final function test to ensure that only products in perfect quality leave your factory gate.

Error-free sorting

Throughout the poling process, the system detects a series of parameters, such as leakage currents. This lets you keep an eye on the quality of the poling process itself. Any defective components are deactivated so they no longer affect the poling process for the remaining, intact components. Following the poling process, you can perform a series of final function tests for capacity or polarity, for example. The system performs an automatic pass/fail analysis and displays the results, so the operator can sort the actuators without errors. In addition, the system saves the results of the individual measurements and can provide them for further analyses.

Individual sample holder

Every Polaron system is built around the sample holder, which can be tailored individually to your requirements. In the standard variant for actuators with small electrodes like bimorph actuators, the holder features a drawer system. Here, the actuators are placed on specially developed sample magazines. These are coded with the corresponding contact pin allocation on the respective drawers. This prevents the actuators becoming accidentally mixed up. The magazines and contact pin layout can be customized to fit the respective sample geometry. The loaded magazines are loaded into the drawer, before being automatically contacted. There is also a contact test before the actual poling process, along with the standard safety functions. For example, it is only possible to open the sample drawers once the discharge voltage falls below a set level. All systems are CE certified.


  • One system for various product groups
  • Low vulnerability to errors thanks to robust design and high level of automation
  • Cost-effective actuator polarization
  • Short downtimes
  • Option to expand easily in the event of a ramp-up in production
    • Parallel poling of up to 120 piezoelectric components with a single module
    • Simultaneous poling with different polarities (e.g. for bender multilayer actuators)
    • Customizable poling procedure based on a recipe
    • High-side current measurement for determining leakage current during the poling process for both polarities simultaneously
    • Measure polarity, leakage current, etc.
    • Integrated LCR meters for highly precise capacity measurement
    • Various voltage ranges available
    • Barcode scanner for scanning process-relevant information
    • Save the measurement data in an external database for later use

    Can be fitted with heater system

    • Modular design enables low-cost customization to your needs
    • Flexibly adjust the software to your production process
    • Easy to operate, with no need for long, in-depth training, thanks to high level of automation
    • Short fitting times: change the contact unit without tools so you can quickly switch between products
    • Magazine for efficient system loading
    • Contact test for all components prior to measurement