Flexible test systems for large quantities in R&D

Parallel test systems

Our parallel test systems for research and development are highly flexible and can be easily adjusted to a range of tasks, as well as various ferro and piezoelectric materials and shapes.

Perfect for special tests and small series

Research and development often involves testing large quantities of samples or components. This is done to gain a statistical basis for evaluating the service life or defect mechanisms, for example. Alongside this, preliminary development often requires special testing or measurements for small series. There is no need for a fully automated production system here. Flexibility is the key, particularly the ability to adjust to various tasks, materials and shapes. And this flexibility is exactly what our parallel test systems offer.

µC modules at the core

These include our HALT systems used in endurance tests, or specialized measurement units like a high-voltage poling system for bulk materials up to 30 kV. Just like our production tools, these systems are built around a µC module. These are combined with additional amplifiers, temperature controllers and sample holders to create individually customizable systems.

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