With our parallel test system aixHALT, you can test the reliability and lifetime of piezoelectric and dielectric materials much faster than before.

Modular system for simultaneous measurement

HALT stands for “Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing”. As piezoelectric thin films become suitable for series production and are used in an increasing number of applications, being able to test their durability is vital. Performing such lifetime tests requires the systems to be subjected to accelerated aging, as the mechanisms behind this process in thin films are not yet fully understood. We must therefore investigate a larger parameter space in order to enable statistically reliable analyses. Each of the various test parameters, from temperature, voltage and frequency to signal form, humidity and more, must be measured with a high number of samples. Until recently, this was a time-consuming process.

We developed aixHALT to speed things up. With its modular design, this parallel test system lets users measure virtually any number of samples simultaneously. This accelerates the process, while quickly leading to reliable results.

The µController – the core of the system

All of our HALT systems are built around our very own µController (µC). This is fitted with an internal switching matrix that makes it possible to control and monitor up to 64 channels. Combined with amplifiers, sample holders and temperature controllers tailored to the respective application, you get a high-performance test system customized precisely to your measurements.

  • Real-time feedback of measurement progress

    The system is controlled by our aixHALT software. We developed it to control the entire apparatus, giving you real-time feedback of measurement progress. A clear user interface makes the system easy and intuitive to operate, while also enabling you to expand the tool to cover more data collection requirements.

Measure up to 1000 samples at the same time

Connecting multiple µC now makes it possible to perform parallel measurements. The modules are controlled via Ethernet by a single host computer, allowing you to test a large range of parameters with multiple modules simultaneously on over 1000 samples. This makes it possible to assess reliability data, including large and small-signal material properties of materials and components, across a broad temperature range. Flexibility is also the name of the game when it comes to creating test procedures. You can choose from a variety of high-voltage amplifiers for electrical excitation signals. You can then measure the samples’ current response with precise Virtual Ground current amplifiers.

What this means for you:

  • The 19” system with its host computer can be fitted with multiple controllers, amplifiers, temperature controllers and sample holders.

  • Each module is fitted with a 64-channel switch matrix, allowing you to control a large number of samples.

  • Alongside a wide variety of standard sample holders developed in recent years, aixACCT Systems also offers customized sample holders tailored individually to your requirements.

  • You get a large amount of data fast thanks to parallel measurements with various voltages, temperatures, etc. on a large number of samples.

Versatile base system for individual solutions

It is the versatility of the base system that allows us to design an individual solution tailored to your needs. With our µController at their core, we can fit the systems with a wide range of expansions to cover all kinds of customer requirements, from greater dielectric strength to current limits. Despite this, every customer comes to us with new challenges that we are happy to help overcome with our expertise and experience. If there is one thing we do well at aixACCT Systems, it is innovation. We can quickly offer you the solutions to your problems so that you can achieve your goals faster.

A good example of this is the sheer number of sample holders that we have developed and use in systems like aixHALT.