Thank you for participating PiezoMEMS 2024

aixACCT hosted the international 10th piezoMEMS workshop in Aachen, Germany. The SuperC building of Technical University of Aachen was the venue offering an amazing view on the cathedral and the city center. According to several LinkedIn posts the meeting was a great event and big success.

As the initiator of this meeting, which took place for the first time 14 years ago, we wanted to give this anniversary workshop a special framework to express our appreciation for being part of this great community.
Our idea was to create an atmosphere that would allow for friendly and open discussion between the participants. The Chairman of the workshop with the support of the International Advisory Board were able to attract many well-known speakers from industry and research. The excellent presentations, which provided an inspiring insight into the significant progress in the field of piezoMEMS, triggered fruitful discussions, even between supposed competitors.
Susan Trolier-McKinstry described it very aptly in her closing remarks as “collaborative competition”. Everyone appreciates the successes of others and tries to take away impulses for themselves that lead to a successful goal. Because in the end, it is important to all of us that this technology, which we all put our heart and soul into, is successful.
Thanks to all participants for these great two days!