Automated poling and testing

For companies that make piezoelectric actuators, poling, quality assurance and performance stability testing are essential. Our flexible poling and burn-in test systems help you perform and document these tasks in an automated and user-friendly way.

Always the right tool for the product

The Polaron system is built around the sample holder, which can be tailored individually to your needs. Should you wish to switch production, you can change the contacting unit quickly and easily without the need for additional tools, thus shortening your fitting times. You can also program the poling sequence individually based on a recipe. All measurement data is saved for subsequent processing and can also be provided to external databases.

Making climate and burn-in tests easy

Once you have poled your actuators and identified the acceptable parts for delivery, it is important to remember the performance stability verification that customers now expect. We have made this easy too. We have developed climate and burn-in tests (CBS) as production tools for stress tests in climate chambers. Consisting of a measurement zone and independent climate chambers with the associated measurement systems, these let you perform parallel burn-in tests of up to 960 piezoelectric components with a single system.

High level of automation

Thanks to their modular design, Polaron and CBS can be adapted flexibly to the respective application. They are designed to work in a higher-level production process with data connection. The high level of automation enables reliable operation without the need for complex training in advance. Both production tools are fail safe, easy to service and feature a compact design. If you would like to know more about Polaron and CBS, you can learn how to use the software in an online meeting. Simply send us an email: