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Ceramic discs and ceramic multilayer structures are widely used as sensors or actuators in various fields for pressure sensing, positioning, vibration damping, etc. Highly dynamic and precise multilayer actuators (MLA) based on piezoceramics are newly integrated into car injection systems or positioning systems for the semiconductor industry.

Electrical and mechanical large signal properties but also small signal test results are of major interest for the development and production of these devices. With its freely configurable Piezoelectric Evaluation System (PES), aixACCT offers a system that fulfils these measurement requirements.

aixACCT products for the characterization of MLA and Sensors & Actuators include:
  • Piezoelectric Evaluation System for piezoelectric and dielectric measurements with customized selection of external hardware components (e.g. high voltage amplifier, laser interferometer, temperature chambers, etc.),
  • sample holder for bulk ceramics and multilayer,
  • 200 / 400 V bipolar high voltage amplifier for sample excitation and poling,
  • aixPlorer software tool for further data evaluation and statistical analysis and
  • Resonance Analyzer software tool for failure inspection of devices by analyzing impedance resonances.

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