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MEMS – micro electro mechanical systems – one of the fast growing markets world wide.

Examples for MEMS based on piezoelectric materials are film bulk acoustic resonators (FBAR) or inkjet printer heads for next generation printers. Cantilevers used as micro switches or membranes for particle detection are additional examples.

Material characteristics that are of interest for these applications are mainly the longitudinal and transverse piezoelectric coefficients d33 and d31, the dielectric coefficient, and mechanical coefficients of the piezoelectric thin film.

aixACCT offers dedicated test equipment to measure these parameters of the MEMS devices with a guaranteed accuracy. aixACCT accompanies its customers from material testing to quality assurance during production. This is based on unique electrical and electro-mechanical test equipment, add-on software tools and simulation services and, finally, the statistical evaluation of your production cycle.

Products particularly designed with regard to the characterization of MEMS devices are:
  • Double Beam Laser Interferometer (DBLI) for piezoelectric and dielectric thin film measurements,
  • Additional sample holder for e31 respectively d33 measurements,
  • 200 / 400 V bipolar high voltage Amplifier for sample excitation and poling
  • and aixPlorer software tool for further data evaluation and statistical analysis of batches or certain processes.
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