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The ideal, universal memory would be an ultra fast non volatile memory.
To achieve this goal semiconductor companies have integrated new materials into the well-known silicon circuits that store information permanently even without a supply voltage.

One of the leading candidates to become a mass product are ferroelectric based random access memories (FeRAM). This technology substitutes the DRAM capacitor which is a dielectric material with a hysteretic ferroelectric material like Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) or Strontium Bismuth Tantalate (SBT).

Commercially available memory sizes are 1 Mbit (Ramtron). Prototypes have been realized up to 64 Mbit (TI, Samsung).
Alternative non volatile memories based on new technologies are polymer memories that change their resistance with an applied voltage. Another representative of resistive memories is the phase change memory. The resistance of the material changes from a crystaline into an amorphous state. This is achieved by an electrically induced local melting of the material.

aixACCT Systems provides material characterization and device test systems for ferroelectric, polymer, and phase change memories.
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