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Piezoelectric Evaluation Systems (aixPES) Piezoelectric Evaluation System (aixPES)

This system is used for comprehensive electrical and electro-mechanical characterization of piezoelectric bulk ceramic samples. Large and small signal material characteristics can be evaluated over a wide temperature range. The samples current response is measured by applying an electrical voltage excitation signal using the flexible and precise virtual ground method. The samples displacement is simultaneously measured with an laser interferometer system.

  • Material characterization for research and development
  • Device qualification
  • Large and small signal measurements
  • Temperature dependent measurements
  • Reliability and fatigue tests
  • Leakage measurements
  • One system for comprehensive evaluation of piezo- and ferroelectric thin films, bulk materials, and sensor and actuator devices
  • One software for external hardware control (e.g. temperature controller, high voltage amplifier, displacement sensor, oscilloscope) and data acquisition
  • Remote access and script control available
  • Optional database connection (ODBC) for easy access on material / device characteristics
  • Adaption to customers' hardware and customer specific requirements
  • Update service
  • User support
Piezoelectric Evaluation System
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Sample Measurement - "Polarization and Displacement"
Sample Measurement - "Capacitance and Piezocoefficient"
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