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Ceramic Multilayer Actuator test bench (aixCMA)

  1. Supported hardware
    • Internal and external high voltage amplifier (100 V up to 10 kV)
    • Sample holder for a wide range of multilayer actuators geometries
    • Static and dynamic mechanical force load
    • Displacement sensors (e.g. laser interferometer, capacitive, or inductive)
    • External lock-in or impedance bridge control

  2. Measurements
    • Measurements under static and dynamic mechanical force load
    • Large signal electric polarization and displacement measurements (uni- & bipolar)
    • Small signal capacitance, loss tangent, and piezocoefficient measurements vs. uni- and bipolar dc bias voltage
    • Leakage current measurements
    • Fatigue measurements
    • Impedance measurements with special low impedance measurement probe head (|Zmin| = 20 mOhm)
    • User defined excitation signals

  3. Software
    • Windows 2000/XP operating system
    • Remote access and script control via GPIB or Ethernet
    • Database connection via ODBC interface
    • Measurement data export to ASCII
    • Measurement data exchange with aixPlorer software and Resonance Analyzer

  • All components of the aixCMA setup comply with part 15 of the FCC rules
  • Detailed specifications and overall performance are strongly dependent on the integrated single components

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