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Ceramic Multilayer Actuator test bench (aixCMA) Ceramic Multilayer Actuator test bench (aixCMA)

The original aixCMA test bench for ceramic multilayer actuator characterization has been extended by a temperature control unit which allows now to perform all measurements in the temperature range from room temperature up to 200°C. This system has been developed by aixACCT Systems to fulfill customers requests for system solutions. It includes a unique sample holder for a wide range of different sized actuator devices, necessary amplifiers for excitation voltage and current response measurements, aixACCT´s advanced measurement software, and optional software tools for data analysis and data exchange with database management systems.

The aixCMA system offers comprehensive electrical and electro-mechanical characterization of ceramic multilayer actuator devices for device qualification and production control. Important actuator characteristics like blocking force diagram and actuator stiffness can be derived for a wide temperature range. Special user defined excitation waveforms for electrical and mechanical load allow investigations of the CMAs performance under real application conditions.

  • Blocking force and actuator stiffness measurements
  • Large and small signal electrical and piezoelectric measurements
  • Characterization of piezoelectric materials for energy harvesting devices
  • Reliability and fatigue tests
  • Impedance resonance measurements
  Highlights / Benefits
  • One system for comprehensive evaluation of piezo- and ferroelectric sensor and actuator devices
  • One software for external hardware control (e.g. high voltage amplifier, laser displacement sensor, oscilloscope) and data acquisition
  • Investigation of CMA under real application conditions (dynamic control of electrical and mechanical load)
  • Remote access and script control available
  • Optional database connection (ODBC) for easy access on material / device characteristics
  • Adaption to customers' hardware and customer specific requirements

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