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4-Point Bending system (aix4PB)

 Sample geometry |  Specifications

  Measurement configuration

The diagram shows the typical measurement set up. Within this the TF Analyzer runs the measurement software, controls the actuator to apply the bending force, and records simultaneously the bending displacement of the laser interferometer and the charge response of the sample.


  Sample Geometry

A sample geometry like it is shown and specified below guarantees precise boundary and bending measurement conditions.

Sample length l = 25 mm
Length top electrode lTE = 8 mm
Length top electrode contact lTE2 = 7 mm
Length d33top electrode lTE3 = 1 mm
Length bottom electrode lBE = 4 mm
Distance top electrode d = 8.5 mm
Sample width w = 3 mm
Width top electrode wTE = 2 mm
Width top electrode contact wTE2 = 0.1 mm

  Features / Specifications

Standard features of the 4-Point Bending system are:
  • 4-point bending sample holder with

    • piezo actuator for force generation,

    • fixture for laser vibrometer, and

    • easy contact to top and bottom electrode of the sample

  • All measurement capabilities of the TF Anlayzer 2000 system including

    • Windows 2000 / XP operating system

    • Remote access and script control available as option

  • Single Beam Laser Vibrometer with a minimum resolution of 1 nm

Detailed specifications and overall performance are strongly dependent on the integrated single components.  
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