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4-Point Bending system (aix4PB) 4-Point Bending system (aix4PB)

A unique thin film sample holder extends aixACCT Systems measurement capabilites for piezoelectric MEMS devices. It can be combined with the single or double beam laser interferometer.

Electromechanical thin film properties are key characteristics for the design and layout of piezoelectric based micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) devices. Either the longitudinal piezoelectric coefficient d33 or the transversal piezoelectric coefficient e31 is used to realize the sensor or actuator functionality. The longitudinal coefficient can be measured with the aixDBLI system whereas the aix4PB system is used for precise measurements of the effective transversal coefficient.

The standard aix4PB system consists of the 4-point bending sample holder, a TF Analyzer 2000, and a single beam laser vibrometer and allows the following measurements:
  • Full electrical characterization with polarization, capacitance, leakage current, and fatigue measurements like they are established in the TF Analyzer 2000 system.
  • Measurement of the effective transversal piezocoefficient by applying an alternating homogeneous mechanical strain to the sample and measuring the generated charge.
  • All these measurements can be performed under additional compressive or tensile static loads too which allows to predict the piezoelectric film behaviour in the fully processed MEMS device.

As an option the system is extendable with the aixACCT double beam laser interferometer for differential measurements of strain and piezocoefficient d33,f , which eliminates the influence of sample bending effects.
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