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  Software Features

The aixPlorer software tool has been developed to assist users of the aixACCT measurement systems to manage and further analyse their measurement data. Users can browse browse through directories with measurement data and gain an overview of the file contents. Besides this, measurement details with measurement parameters and characteristic values can also be viewed. Sophisticated evaluation functions are available to extract additional characteristic values e.g. the memory window parameter for FeRAM applications or the piezoelectric coupling coefficient for sensor/actuator applications. For power users with a large amount of measurement data the aixPlorer software can be optionally combined with a database program such as MySQL™ or MS Access™.


1. Measurement data browser
  • Windows Explorer-like tree view and selection of directories and aixACCT measurement files with name and timestamp
  • Overviews of all records in a file with a small graph for each measurement
  • Detailed view of single records including sample information, measurement conditions and characteristic values
  • Multiple measurements can be opened in parallel to compare characteristic values, copy graph views for reports and presentations, and printing


2.Sensor & Actuator Applications:
   Extraction of additional characteristic values

Depending on the measurement type, different additional characteristic values can be extracted:
  • Calculation of the bias voltage dependent coupling coefficient k33 from small signal capacitance and piezoelectric coefficient d33 measurement


  • Extraction of coupling and piezoelectric coefficients from single resonances in impedance measurements (new measurement in the next hysteresis software)


  • Extraction of the electro-mechanical hysteresis from unipolar displacement measurement


3. FeRAM Application: Memory Window

  • Extraction of memory window parameter from hysteresis measurements on ferroelectric thin films


4. Database connection (optional)
  • Configuration of uniform database integration between hysteresis measurement software (for direct data export into the database), the aixPlorer software, and the database itself (MySQL)
  • Export of the characteristic values of a whole file, single measurement tables, or of the additionally calculated characteristic values into the database
  • Convenient selection of specified data from the database and visualization as statistical distribution



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