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The TF Analyzer 2000 E is the most sophisticated analyzer of electroceramic material and devices. The test equipment is based on a modular idea, where four different probe heads can be connected to one and the same basic unit. Each of the four probe heads represents a different characterization method.
  • Ferroelectric standard testing -> FE module
  • Magnetoresistive and ferroic material testing -> MR module
  • Relaxation current measurement -> RX module
  • Self discharge testing -> DR module

By simply changing the module (probe head) you switch to a different test method.
The system can control and operate with different external hardware equipment, such as temperature units, probing stations, high voltage amplifiers, laser interferometers etc. Communication via serial interface, IEEE interface, or Ethernet is supported. Several other aixACCT measurement (e.g. aixDBLI, aixPES or aixCMA) systems are based on the TF Analyzer 2000 E as a core component.

TF 2000 E
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