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FeRAM Cell Tester FeRAM Cell Tester

  Brief description

Memory window information based on analog hysteresis measurements on single cell capacitors after full integration process

  Field of application

Production of FeRAM
  • Quality control during production based on memory window information which is not influenced by deviation of CMOS process
  • Single shot hysteresis data at MHz operation speed
  • Classification of bit failure instead of bit failure identification


  • Feedback for process optimization during production
  • Time efficient testing in the MHz range
  • Applicable to 2T-2C cell design and 1T-1C cell design
  • Memory window information from analog test data
  • Customized adaptation to available test environment
  • Update service
  • User support

  Program features

Hysteresis, PUND tests and other test procedures can be run on a single cell.

Rise times down to 1 µs are available. Self designed pulse trains can be used to test various kinds of failure mechanisms. Pre-polarization pulse parameters can be set independently from the test sequence.

Test sequences with the same pulse train with varying amplitude at constant pulse width or with constant amplitude at varying pulse width can be performed using the Access Time software.

These tests are based on the patented In-situ compensation of the parasitic capacitance.
  • Free update service for 18 months
  • Individual updates
  • Maintenance service

  User support

We provide comprehensive and prompt support to our customers:
  • Complete printed documentation, hotline help, on-site implementation
  • Free technical support for 100 days
  • Low cost annual maintenance service
FeRAM Cell Tester
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