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Our digital measurement technique opens new possibilities to meet the current demands. We designed a evaluation unit especially for automotive measurements, where we integrated a broad range of customer requirements. Additional channels can be added easily due to the modular concept of the amplifier section. Also high-speed and high-temperature versions are available upon request. We appreciate our customer need to create an individual offer.

The overall system includes a telemetry system specially developed for the dynamic requirements of drivetrain test stands. The power supply as well as digital data transmission are non-contact and give additional degrees of freedom in contrast to conventional non-rotating, wired systems.

Telemetry Systems Telemetry Systems

  • Sensor type: Strain gage

  • Sensor type: Strain gage
  • Sensitivity: 0,2mV/V ... 10mV/V
  • Temperature drift (max.): 0,1%/10K
  • Temperature range (transmitter): -40degC ... 125degC (standard), ... 150degC (high temp)
  • Temperature range (receiver): -40degC ... 85degC
  • Sampling resolution: 18 Bit
  • Sampling-rate: 20kHz
  • Data transfer to evaluation unit: 4kHz (standard), 30kHz (high-speed)
  • Output: voltage (+/-10V), frequency (100kHz +/- 50kHz), CAN
  • Configuration: USB
  • Power supply: 9 ... 36V DC, 2A max.
  • Integrated analog filter.
  • Test signal in the transmitter can be activated remotely.
  • A temperature channel is available as standard.

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