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In-Gear NVH-Sensor

Today, energy efficiency and comfort are self-evident criteria for the purchase of an automobile, not only for private individuals but also for commercial vehicles. The transmission, as a central and weighty component in the vehicle, is exposed to the constant pressure to become lighter, smaller and quieter. In order to optimize the design of a gearbox, routine simulations are routinely used, but the real implementation and the evaluation of the lifetime also require a metrological verification.

In-Gear NVH-Sensor The result of our efforts is a sensor combining all necessary components enabling the in-situ measurement of strain and acceleration in the area of the tooth base. A unique mounting technique for the robust connection of the sensor with the measuring body is available as well as its protection by highly developed covering materials.

In a direct comparison between the NVH sensor and a solution using conventional strain gauges on film substrate, the NVH sensor results in a space saving of minimum 500%. In-Gear NVH-Sensor

  • Size of sensor 2 x 2 mm

  • K-factor strain gage: 40.. 100 (< 2 %)
  • Resistance strain gage: 350.. 1000 O (< 5 %)
  • Load cycles (fatigue strength): >> 107
  • Max. Elongation (fatigue strength): +/-1000 um/m
  • Max. Measuring range Acceleration: +/- 100 g
  • Cut-off frequency acceleration: > 10 kHz
  • Operating temperature range: -40 degC.. +150 degC
  • Linearity deviation: < 0,1 % (of f. s.)*
  • Hysteresis: < 0,1 % (of f. s.)*
  • Temperature drift: < 0.1 % (of f. s.)*/ 10 K

    *(of f. s.) - of full scale)

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