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HighSpeedTemperatureSensing High Speed Temperature Sensing

Triggered by our extensive customer contacts, soon we are able to offer a unique sensor combination for measurement of temperature and pressure. The transducer is tuned for high-speed measurements and is ideally suited for measuring fast transients. The sensor is small enough to be mounted into an exhaust pipe, a turbocharger or even into the cylinder wall to measure the change of the temperature during the combustion process. With an integrated miniature water or air cooled jacket extreme temperature environments become more accessible. By providing the capabilities of dynamic and static pressure measurements, previously unreachable dynamic performance is available.

The system topology is customer configurable and reaches from stand alone operation of one dual amplifier "aixHSTPM Control" up to the fully equipped rack mount system with personal computer based transient recorder.
The rack system is expandable with additional amplifiers and sensors best fit our customer needs and leads to a fully flexible implementation of the equipment into existing data acquisition systems.
With introduction of the hot-calibration procedure by aixACCT automotive it is now possible to compensate not only zero-point deviations but also gain-drifts caused by changes in E-modulus of the measuring body.

Theoretical Background

HighSpeedTemperatureSensing Due to a response time within microseconds the sensor allows the measurement of transient surface temperatures so that the heat flux can be obtained from the temperature signal. The recalculation of the time-dependant heat-flux from the heating environment onto the sensor is possible due to the knowledge of certain boundary conditions. Feel free to ask our experts after more details. We are very pleased to receive your inquiry!
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