advanced customized characterization technology

About aixACCT History of Innovations
    • e31 on full wafer utilizing DBLI technology
    • world first temperature measurements with DBLI
    • Electronic measurement system
    • Thermoelectric measurement system
    • Multiferroic Test system
    • High temperature sample holder for Multiferroics Test system
    • e31,f vs. bias voltage
    • High temperature (600°C) and low temperature (-100°C) sample holder for piezoelectric bulk materials
    • Blocking Force Measurement for piezoelectronic MEMS
    • Contact restistance vs. contact force on 8 Wafers
    • Poling system for complex electrode configurations
    • Single beam functionality integrated into DBLI technology
    • Long Term stability of DBLI technology demonstrated (better 0,5 % without any adjustment of optics)
    • Impedance measurement implemented TF Analyzer
    • Displacement vs frequenz implemented into aixPES system
    • d15 option for bulk materials including pulse test (pulse width 10µs) into aixPES technologie
    • Piezoelectric Transducer Test Bench for comprhensive characterization of bulk materials and multilayer actuators with mechanical prestress. Sensors and actuators and harvester can be characterized!
    • Introducing CMA system for characterization of multilayer acutators for e.g. fine positioning as well as for fuel injection systems. The tool can derive figure of merit of an actuator under a wide temperature range.
    • Unique and patented sample holder for thin film e31,f piezocoefficient measurements utilizing 4-point bending technique
    • Patent and implementation of a new dynamic leakage current compensation method (DLCC)
    • DLCC is about 100 times faster than conventional static leakage compensation methods
    • World first measurements on single cell testing on wafer level after full integration on 32 MBit chain FeRAM
    • Sample holder for high voltage and high temperature application, suitable also for displacement measurements
    • Double laser beam interferometer with a resolution < 1 Picometer
    • First published direct hysteresis measurement on 200 nm x 200 nm ferroelectric capacitor structures
    • Hysteresis measurement at 1 MHz and 10 MHz by virtual ground testing of 1T1C memory cells
    • First direct hysteresis measurement on real FeRAM memory cell capacitor
    • Foundation of the aixACCT Systems GmbH
    • Hysteresis measurement on pad sizes down to 1 μm x 1 μm
    • Fast pulse switching testing, equal in speed to real operation frequency of a FeRAM
    • Introduction of static hysteresis measurement
      1994 - 1996
    • Prototypes of RX and DR module of TF ANALYZER 2000 have been used in the DRAM DARPA project to evaluate the suitability of BST for high density memory application
    • Founded by government funding, assigned to the Chair of Prof. Waser at the RWTH University of Aachen
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