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aixACCT Systems is your partner in electrical testing for material development and device qualification and cuts down time to market of its customer´s new products by offering new testing concepts and system solutions.


aixACCT concentrates on the following market segments:
  • Non volatile memory technologies (e.g. FeRAM, RRAM)
  • MEMS (e.g. cantilevers, membranes)
  • Actuator / sensor applications (multilayer actuators, pressure sensors)
The products range from material characterization to device qualification during production.

aixACCT products are continuous innovations, which have been introduced into the market over the last decade, for example
  • Double beam laser interferometer system for 6′′ wafers to qualify MEMS devices
  • Wafer level testing of FeRAM cell capacitors and 1T-1C cells
  • Multilayer actuator qualification in a sample holder with compressive load to emulate system environment and application specific loading
aixACCT products cover the whole range from material study to prototype testing and quality assurance during production. Even the field of FEM simulations is covered by aixACCT. This gives our customers the ability to prove at an early stage of product development the functionality of new devices. aixACCT entered into a strategic alliance with INOSTEK Inc. Korea to cover the whole product chain, including material supply, in order to create a trustful relation to its customer from the initial idea to the ready for sales product.

Success of this philosophy can be found worldwide in products like printers, car injection systems, and memory devices.

Our team at aixACCT consists of highly qualified people from material, mechanical, and electrical engineering. This guarantees the high level of innovations. "We understand your requirements and demands. Based on this fundamental understanding we create new testing concepts and system solutions."

Examples include:
  • Testing concept of 1T-1C memory cells of a FeRAM
  • Dynamic leakage current compensation
  • Sample holder for precise e31 piezocoefficient measurements of piezoelectric thin films
aixACCT offers in house material or device characterization, feasibility studies, and quality assurance for small batches. aixACCT serves as an independent test laboratory.

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